At SkyWest, we like to be friendly and welcoming. As a staff team, we would like to be as helpful as possible so if you have any questions, please don't heistate to ask on our Discord!

Thomas Johnson
SKW0004 - CEO
Edward Spillane
SKW0001 - Founder
Nick Costella
SKW0002 - COO
Walter Anderson
SKW0006 - COO
Matthew Widdowson
SKW0010 - CTO
Ben Lewis
SKW0008 - Head Moderator
Alex Metcalfe
SKW0090 - Moderator
Quinten James
SKW0092 - Moderator
Kaden Thompson
SKW0093 - Moderator
Benjamin Clark 
SKW0094 - Moderator
Vojta Novák
SKW0095 - Moderator